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SDA Youth Forums is a forum for Seventh-day Adventists aged around 14 to 20. You can discuss all issues that SDA youth face in a comfortable, family-like environment. Join our community today to express your opinions and make new friends that share your faith.

If you aren't exactly Adventist, you are welcome here just as much.

About me:

My name is Rhiannon and I made this site with guide magazine's discussion boards in mind. I wanted to create something like that, except for older teens. So I made SDA Youth Forums. I'm 17 years old right now and I've been a Seventh-day Adventist my whole life, however, I was baptized at age 15. I love reading the Word of God and growing closer to Him. I also love music, cooking, writing, and animals.

Let's grow together in Christ! I hope you enjoy this site.

If you are a newcomer, be sure to read the rules before posting on the forums.



Simply click the 'register' link on the top of this page in order to become a member. After signing up, you will need to be approved by me, but check back in a day or two and you should be a member, if you were approved.

Once at the signing up screen, you'll see this:

These are just a few pointers I want to give you before you sign up.

The email address you give will not be shared with the public. I may occasionally send you important site updates, but that's all it will be used for.

Your display name will be your identity on this forum. It can be anything you want, as long as it abides by the forum rules.

If you are under 13 years old, I suggest you wait before signing up, and check out (If you are 13, maybe wait until you're 14. It really depends on how mature you are.)

If you don't want your age displayed, check that little box that says "Don't display my age"

Last but not least, when putting in your location, you don't actually have to share your country or state. You can type in "Narnia" if you want. Just make sure not to share any personal information, like your city, school, or church.

That's everything I wanted you all to know before signing up. Be safe, and be responsible!